Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Get Entranced

If you haven't heard yet, I have officially signed on to an internship with Entranced Publishing. I am very, VERY excited about this! It's been something I've considered for a long time, but just wasn't sure how to go about it. I always loved the idea of getting into the publishing world one way or another, in hopes that it could lead to bigger and better things. 

When I asked Twitter last Friday (because Twitter knows all) if there were any positions available, the word spread quickly. And thanks to everyone's retweets, I heard from Entranced managing editor, Julie, who was seeking an editorial intern. After a few exchanges via email over the weekend, Julie and I agreed that we would love to work together. By Sunday morning, I was a part of the Entranced Team! 

If you aren't familiar with Entranced, you should definitely check them out. They publish eBooks in several genres/categories and are absolutely wonderful to work with. If you'd like to consider an eBook format for your manuscript, check out their submission process via their website. 

Good luck to all! And thank you for all the lovely words in celebration of my new position. Cheers!