Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life so far...

My first completed novel was a YA fantasy fiction. At the time I was super excited about it and thought it was the bees knees. I was ecstatic when someone asked for the manuscript in its entirety. I waited it out for a month then received a message stating they were going to pass. When I look back at it I can see why. The whole thing was as if I was "telling" the reader what was happening as opposed to "showing". HUGE difference.

I had that small dose of hope rush through me that someone found my writing to be somewhat enjoyable enough to ask for the complete ms. I was pretty bummed and went back to revise, but after that I just sort of lost interest. I knew I wasn't done, but the story just sort of lost its oomph. Then one late night while watching some ridiculous Netflix movie another idea came to me. I immediately started writing (I never use outlines) and came up with a fun paranormal fiction. I'll keep the idea a secret for now, but it was all I could think about for days. While I was cutting hair or teaching a class, ideas were just pouring out. I would immediately take a minute to jot it down and continue with my day.

So as of now I have been sending out queries for this new manuscript. I've gotten a few rejections just by the query alone, meaning no one has asked for the full ms just yet. In the mean time I have looked it over and revised a few things again to capture someone's attention. I've also tried distracting myself with another ms that is completely unlike anything I've ever written. I dabble with it every now and again, but I remain focused on my full ms waiting for someone to show a tiny bit of interest.

This is where I stand. It takes a lot of patience and some days I get more than one rejection and feel pretty low. Thankfully, I have amazing Twitter followers who encourage me every step of the way. I've also become friends with amazing aspiring and published authors via Twitter who are so helpful and inspiring. I'm such a lucky girl to be surrounded by such amazing people!

For the record, Twitter is seriously the best social network in the world, hands down.


  1. I feel your pain. If you haven't already, check out You can post your query for excellent, and honest advice. It's always best to have someone who has no idea what your book is about read your query.

    Good luck. Don't stop writing.


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