Tuesday, July 10, 2012

11 Random Questions

I got tagged by my good Twitter friend, Suzy G, to answer 11 Random Questions. With that, I also need to tag a few people to join in on the fun. You can answer these questions by vlogging or with a simple blog post. Totally up to you. I did a vlog and you can watch it here:

I'd like to tag:
Stephanie (@stephpellegrin)

Jennifer (@justlyjennifer)

Meredith (@zeitlingeist)

Megan  (@meganwhitmer)

Nicole @nicolewolverton)

Here are the questions:

1) What are your top five favorite movies?

2) Would you rather go a year without make-up or without shaving?

3) What is a recent good book you've read?

4) What is a recent not so good book you've read?

5) Name one food you could eat for one meal every day for a year.

6) What was the best part of your senior year of high school?

7) What is one piece of electronic equipment you could live without?

8) Do you usually drink from a straw, a glass, or another type of container?

9) Would you rather have glow-in-the-dark skin or squishy teeth?

10) Who would win a fight between Gandalf and Dumbledore?

11) Are push-up bras a form of dishonesty?

There you have it. Have fun!

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