Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Perks of Having a Library Card

I haven't posted in a while, so here I am! As most of you know, I recently moved and found myself near a pretty awesome library. Where I lived before had a library that was located in the heart of downtown and the parking was atrocious. For the longest time people kept saying: "How do you NOT have a library card?" Well . . . that's why.

Before we moved, I was searching online for the closest library in our new town. I was thrilled to find one just down the street with, and get this, PARKING. This is seriously one of the biggest reasons why I was anxious to move. Not because we'd have a beautiful new apartment. Not because the town is clean and safe. Nope. Because of the library. (Don't tell my husband that.) Anyway, the first thing I did once we were moved in was high tail it to the local library and sign up. I walked out of there with some awesome books and feeling like I was on top of the world. This, my friends, is where the madness began. I cannot for the life of me stop going to the library. It's become my favorite place in the world and I find myself going at least once a week.

Can we talk about how absolutely amazing these things are? I mean free books. Let me say that again. FREE. BOOKS. I try to buy as many books as I can, but financially I'm stuck in a rut. Though I'm hoping to change that soon, it's left me completely dependable on the library. I'm not exactly complaining, but it does make me feel a little bad that I can't support my friends and favorite authors all the time by actually purchasing the book. But you know what I can do? I can tell you guys ALL ABOUT THEM.

I've seen people complain about libraries recently (IKNORITE?) and I think we can all agree that the complaints are B.S. What those people don't realize is, yeah, okay, people aren't buying the books, BUT those people can help sell them by word-of-mouth. Isn't that the best way? So basically, I'm here to encourage you guys to talk about the books you love and share them with everyone that you possibly can. You see me on Twitter talking all about them and praising the authors that I admire. This is my way of giving back, and I hope that someday people will do the same for me . . . and you.

So cheers! Go support your local library and your fellow writers. You bet I will. xo


  1. I am a public librarian for a town, and I LOVE THIS POST! <3

  2. I get dangerously excited about libraries too. They don't even have to be in my city ;-)

  3. My town has the smallest library in the world, but thankfully I can borrow online from other libraries around us and the books are sent to mine for pick up. I'm there at least once a week and I LOVE my little library and the lovely ladies who work there.


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