Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Finish Line

Nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment after you finish a manuscript. Whether it's your first draft or your tenth, you walk away knowing your manuscript is only getting better and better. Sure it's gotta go through a few CPs and get ripped apart along the way but that's the beauty of it. How else will your manuscript get to where it should be?

I couldn't wait to get THE GATEWAY THROUGH WHICH THEY CAME into the hands of my critique partners. The idea that someone else gets to read my words and get to know my characters is exciting. They see things that I can't and knowing that their feedback is gonna make this story everything it needs to be gets me hyped. It's a little scary sometimes because you're afraid they'll hate it or pick it bone dry until your soul feels ripped to shreds. But they wouldn't tell you the truth if they didn't care about you and your manuscript. Those are the type of people that'll help you succeed.

So. As I wait anxiously for their feedback, and prepare myself to jump back into the drafting trenches, I'm gonna enjoy this moment of knowing that I've completed yet another story. And you know what? I feel pretty damn good about that.


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